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Who knew? When I got my cancer diagnosis I had no idea my path would turn in to advocacy work. With so little information on “going flat” I am proud to have joined forces with some of the leading flat advocates in the breast cancer world. I’m proud to be a founding member of Flat Closure NOW to help bring resources on a healthy, beautiful and valid option which we have coined the phrase “Aesthetic Flat Closure” after mastectomy.


Without imagery to go by, how can someone make an informed decision before a mastectomy? The truth is, it’s hard. But with the censorship of breast cancer patients on social media, it is close to impossible to see an image, let alone post an image for other’s to see. We need to encourage social media platforms to allow for uncensored photography of ALL mastectomy images to allow women to make an informed decision before choosing their surgical outcome.



I was shocked that after my surgery I was given a “prescription” for a prosthetic and told this would make me feel “normal.” I didn’t believe that hiding behind a prosthetic was going to make ME feel better, and why should I be concerned about how my one breasted body makes others feel? The fact is, if I had decided to wear a prosthetic, my opportunity to normalize my body, as well as educate on the realities of breast cancer, would be lost. I shouldn’t have to hide anything about my body. Having breast cancer shouldn’t turn into shame.



The first thing that my doctor told me when I asked for a flat closure reconstruction was “this might affect your sexual relationship with your partner.” I’m sure that for some, this may be a possibility. However, forcing someone to consider their partner’s sex life while facing imminent death is NOT okay. As you can see by reading my articles and looking at my photographs there is NOTHING that has changed about my desirability. In all honesty, my husband will be the first to tell you that I have MORE confidence now then I did with two breasts. Cancer didn’t steal my sexy!

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