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Styling with a Plain White T-Shirt

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

I began my journey wanting to figure out ways to help disguise my flatness and I have a ton of ways I can help you do the same. However, a few weeks after my surgery, I found I was suddenly proud of myself and my new body. I had just had a major battle with cancer and I had won! I was literally a warrior and I wanted to shout it to anyone who cared to listen……or anyone who came into contact with me for that matter.

The first weekend I was well enough to go out into the world my hubby took me to Cambria. The sun was out and it was far enough from my hometown that I could go out in public (for the first time sans sweatpants and baggy tops) and brave the stares.

I put on a tight white t-shirt without a bra and told my hubby “I’m ready to go!”

If you are feeling self-conscious about how you look without a foob I highly recommend driving to a town 45 minutes from where you live and simply walk around in a white t-shirt like I did……you will find, no on notices!

But, in all honesty, for fashions sake: The plain white t-shirt is my favorite style and go to. I like to wear it with lots of jewelry, a printed cardigan, or something with a pattern underneath.

The new strappy “caged” bralettes (shown here) are so cute.

I got this one at Ross, but they are pretty much in all the stores at the moment. Go grab one….and a plain white t-shirt….

Get out there Girl! What you waiting for?

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