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Don’t Forget the Dress – Holiday Dresses to Flatter a One-Breasted Body

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

It’s Thanksgiving Day and while everyone is spending time with family, I am staying home with my sick hubby. What better time than today to write about what dress styles to look for if you plan on some Black Friday shopping?

As of today, the holiday season is officially here. I recall last year being nervous because it was going to be the first time I would be attending a formal event since having my unilateral mastectomy. Unless you are lucky enough to work for yourself, the business holiday party is unavoidable.

For many women who have had a mastectomy, attending an event such as a holiday party or wedding can fill the best of us with dread. We may tend to scrutinize our body the most when faced with the thought of dressing for a gathering where we will likely meet new people who don’t know of our cancer journey. Dressing for such an event can put us into full on crisis mode.

But remember, everyone has trouble looking for the right thing to wear when party season arrives. Just because you have insecurities doesn’t mean others aren’t feeling the same stress. Some people right now are feeling the same thing, wanting to look their best for that party where they will be meeting you!

With all of this in mind, I headed over to Ross a few weeks ago to find some styles that will suit you. Maybe you will be attending a holiday party for the first time since surgery or you are feeling brave and want to experiment with leaving your prosthesis at home. Here are my suggestions on styles for one-breasted women this holiday season.

Sequins Shift Dress

Made by R&M Richards – cost $29.99

When I saw this dress my first thought was “I’m too young to be wearing all this sequins.” Although it looked like a shapeless glittery mess at first glance, I like to make sure that I give everything a chance. The truth is, I realize for someone who wants to start going without a prosthetic, this dress is possibly going to be the best way of hiding a half-flat chest. I dragged it into the dressing room with not much enthusiasm, and when I put it one I was IN LOVE!

Most of the time when trying on clothing it looks better on the hanger… Not this dress! It looks and feels so good on me. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to get a better picture. This is a shift dress with a built in sequins shall that hangs diagonal across the body.

Silver Ruffle Dress

Made by Connected Apparel – cost $26.99

What more can I say besides ruffles?

Really, you know I see a ruffle and I get giddy. But what I really love the most about this dress is the silver material. I am all about this metallic material. It is a stretchy fabric with added shaper bodice so it hugs your body nicely….and, did I mention the ruffles?

Yes, this dress is super flattering for my one breasted body and will be on yours too!

Modern Style Cheongsam Inspired Dress

Made by Connected Apparel – cost $24.99

A Cheongsam is a traditional East Asian style dress which is form fitting with a distinctive neckline usually highlighting fabric draping across the chest with button detailing. As time and fashion changed throughout the years, so did the neckline of this traditional dress. Slowly the neckline style started shifting to a slit down the front with the height of the collar remaining.

The important thing about this particular dress is that it is a stretch fabric that has NO DARTS! Yes, can you believe I found a dress that is this style without darts? I can’t!

I love that this material is red and black floral, and the print is large, leaving your eyes not falling anywhere in particular. You simply can’t tell that I only have one breast because of this print.

Also, the neckline is a big bonus. Because there is a slit down the front but it is not meant to show cleavage, it gives the impression of a peek at a bust-line but doesn’t show it. It’s kind of like the difference between Playboy and Hustler….but in a dress!

Gathered Neckline with Stretch Skirt Dress

This is a dress that I was really excited about and couldn’t wait to take home. I tried it one in the dressing room and was pretty pleased with this neckline. I felt that the gathering was a great disguise for my one breasted body.

I also happen to really love a good pencil skirt. So how happy was I to find this dress?


And then I took the pictures for this article and I was like: OH NO YOU DIDN’T!

So here is a tip for all of you, when trying on clothing have someone take a picture of you before you buy. The truth is, while looking in the mirror at myself in the dressing room, I really liked this dress. But later when looking at the picture I took for this article, let’s be honest, this dress is NOT AT ALL flattering. I bet you are thinking the same thing as me “Is she pregnant?”

The answer is “HELL NO, I’m not pregnant!”

I also am not wearing this dress in public! I took it back, but not before making sure you don’t make the same mistake! You're welcome!

Sequins Off-the-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Made by R&M Richards – cost $34.99

I know, I said this was about dresses, but really? Come on….I can’t help myself with the jumpsuits!

The truth is this jumpsuit is what got me doing this article. Someone in one of my private groups had posted a photo of herself in this same jumpsuit. I was so in love with it that I found myself the same day at Ross (she had found hers at TJ Maxx) and BINGO! I found it!

This is so flattering to a one-breasted body and the bonus is it is soooooooo comfy!

The shawl part drapes nicely across the chest and cascades down the leg. Can you tell by my face how excited I am about this fantastic jumpsuit? Yes, I love it.

Red Halter Neckline Jumpsuit

I am going to confess, this didn’t come from Ross, but I wanted to add it so that you know that another good style to look for is the halter neckline. It can be hard to find this type of neckline without darts, but sometimes the Gods align and a halter appears without them…of course I had to have it!

I hope this helps you feel equipped to handle the upcoming holiday party season knowing that you will find the right style dress to wear. Now you can focus less on people noticing your one-breasted body, and instead enjoy the drunken shenanigans of your coworkers!

Let the holiday season begin!

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