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  • Melissa Jansen

Mastering the Nautical Look – 50 Outfits in One Carry-On

Ugh! I woke up today to winter weather...

Okay, so I'm being a little over the top, but I had to put on a sweater! I digress...

If you're like me you're thinking, “It's a disaster! Covid 19 is ruining my life! Summer disappeared without me being able to wear anything cute. Things are NEVER going to be the same again!”

Okay Ms. Melodrama, calm yourself down (I am saying this to myself). If summer is your favorite outfit season, never fear. You will one day, hopefully next year, be going on that cruise, to that beach vacation of your dreams, or to the family cabin by the lake. And if you keep reading, you will be Nautical Look READY!

Call me crazy (okay, that has already been established...) but, what if I told you that you can get over 50 outfits into one small carry-on bag? Packing for next years trip is more fun than re-watching 26 seasons of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, and I'm sure you have already cleared out everything from under your bed during the beginning of quarantine...(if not, aren't you lucky I found two things for you to do while your bored?) So why not pack now....Here is how to master the nautical look that will fit in a carry-on bag!

Most people are completely unaware that the Nautical Look is the simplest fashion look to master. Why? Because it is made up of only 3 simple colors which can be mixed and matched with ease. There is a reason that most flags are made with red, white, and blue. They are extremely attractive and eye catching when used together and they make endless combinations.

For this Nautical Capsule Wardrobe I will be using the following items:


1 T-Shirt, 1, Tank Top, 1 Short Sleeve Blouse, and 1 Long Sleeved Blouse


1 pair of jeans,1 pair of pants,1 skirt, and 1 pair of shorts


1 long sweater, 1 cardigan, and 2 blazers


3 pairs of shoes (1 pair of wedges, 1 pair of flats, and 1 pair of sandals)

3 Scarves (1 long, 1 short square, and 1 infinity) and 2 belts (1 blue and 1 red)

1 rope bag and1 hat


1 summer dress


As you can see, I just taught you how easy it is to mix a few colors to make an amazing capsule wardrobe that you can recreate in other color combinations. The key to the nautical look is not that you need to have anything adorned with anchors and sailboats, stripes work well, maybe you have a cute straw accessory, or simply wear some jeans and a t-shirt with some red lipstick on. I'm betting you own at least one red item of clothing.


A Striped Top or Blouse:

Are you still feeling like you have to hide behind a scarf? That's fine, I thought I was going to be wearing scarves forever...but if you get sick of them, give stripes a try. I picked this striped blouse because the stripes are all going in different directions which is a good trick to use. Also, if you use a scarf AND a belt with an outfit you are going to draw your eyes from the chest area.

The Tank of My Dreams:

I got this blue tank from a thrift store and it is the tank of you dreams! Here are some things to look for in a tank or top that work wonders for a one-breasted woman. A Cowl Neckline: this tank has what is called a “cowl” which means it drapes in a scoop fashion at the top. These type of tops work great because the gathering hides the chest area. What you can't see in this photo is that this top has other details that make it wonderful for our body type. The shoulders on this top are different. Wearing any type of top with an asymmetrical design is an added bonus.

If you still feel uncomfortable sticking on a blazer or cardigan can get you acclimated to having one breast, tie in a bright belt and no one is noticing your chest. Not fond of shorts? Me either! That is why I prefer to wear a size bigger and then roll up the bottoms, this is a trick that can make your thighs look smaller...your welcome!

Bold Patterned Blouse:

The bold patterned blouse is one of your best one-breasted fashion investments. I pick bold patterns because they are busy on the eye making it pretty impossible for the eye to land on something solid...Top it off with a scarf tied at the neck and you really have a visually chic look.

Don't Throw Out Your Favorite Fitted Dress:

I have had this dress for over 5 years. When I first had my mastectomy I threw out almost all of my fitted clothes...but I just couldn't manage to throw this out. I spent over $200 on this dress and it sat in the back of my closet until recently. I thought about having it altered to fit my new chest area and make it flat on one side. But even that left me hesitant. My daughter wore this dress on her 27th birthday, and one day, I hope my granddaughter fits in it.

So what should I do? The answer is cover it. So, this year I have worn this dress several times, with a blazer, or cardigan and even the blouse (as you can see in the photo). I simply needed to see that having a fitted dress in my closet isn't the end of the world – or me wearing it. Don't throw out something you love, there is always a way to wear it!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags, you will go on that vacation again...I promise.

This time, you'll be Nautical Look ready!


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