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Falling In Love with Kimonos

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

I have a friend who is in love with the “Free People” clothing brand. Their name says it all and for me, conjures up images of free-spirited people walking down the beach in floppy, straw hats and flowing dresses. Better yet, hippies frolicking in wheat fields, picking daisies or releasing butterflies….

This is NOT me

Those same images come to mind when I hear people talking about one of the latest fashion fads, the kimono. It makes me immediately think of Mrs. Roper or Anna Madrigal from Tales of the City, neither of which I identify with….Because they are …old?

If I give in to this fad, what would that say about me?

Truth be told, I am getting older. Who cares? Kimonos are in!

Regardless of my age, young people have embraced the renewed, back-in-fashion, kimono. So here are a few reasons I have stocked up on them…and why you should too!

The kimono in the summer = The scarf in winter

“Ugghhh,” you might say, “I’m so sick of scarves!”

Well, put them away girlfriend! Go out and get yourself a kimon…or five!

I am hoping this craze sticks around for at least another year. Fads always go in spurts such as last year’s cover-alls that were shorter and had more solid patterns. This year they have evolved into longer, more sheer and flowing designs.

The reason you may want to stock up on kimonos (in varying lengths and styles) is because you will be able to use them in summer the same way you use scarves in the winter – as a perfect disguise. They are a distraction to the chest, lighter than a cardigan, and give what we most desire – layers.

Here are some ways I like to style with a kimono.

White T-Shirt and Jeans:

Want to schlep your way around the grocery store on a Saturday morning and not worry about bumping into someone you know? Me too.

All the time.

Here’s the opportunity to look fantastic when you “don’t give a hoot” but still want others to think of you as always looking flawless.

Slap on a Kimono and you’re good to go! (Of course, don’t blame me when people can’t stop complimenting you in the produce section.)

*Kimono by “Woven Heart” purchased at Ross*

Over a Dress:

After I had my ovaries removed, I was still in pain when I had to return to work. The problem was that I couldn’t manage anything tight around my waist for more than an hour. It was too uncomfortable and even hurt.

I was ready to work, but my body rebelled against my I-need-an-income-to-pay-for-this-stuff” worries. How the heck was I going to fit back into my nine-to-five life when nothing fit my recovering body?

Answer: a simple, cotton dress with…yes, you guessed it! An array of kimonos.

Now I can get a paycheck to invest in some more kimonos!

*Kimono from Target*

With White:

By now you know how much of a lover I am of wearing white. Like my post a few weeks ago on the subject, This is a really simple way of making your kimono the star of your outfit.

An extra benefit of pairing your whites with a kimono is, if you feel self-conscious in your back area, the kimono covers it, leaving you to feel comfortable that people aren’t staring at your butt…Because they aren’t – they are staring at your awesome kimono!

*Kimono from Target*

Matching Jumpsuit:

I am in love with the revival of the jumpsuit. It’s like getting away with wearing pajamas. So, naturally I am currently enjoying mixing things up by wearing my kimonos to work with matching jumpsuits of all different styles.

And speaking of jumpsuits…Stay tuned…

Next week’s article will actually feature another trend I am so fond of – and why (like the revival of the kimono) you should embrace the jumpsuit.

Until then, I’ll be lounging around in my kimono and hoping that you are doing the same!

*Kimono from Anthropologie*

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