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Get Ready for Ruffles

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Let’s talk about one of my favorite fashion embellishments made popular again last year and this year has, lucky for us, taken its place center stage among summer’s more stylish and flirty wear. That’s right Girls…Get ready for ruffles.

An avid lover of ruffles now, many years ago you’d have never caught me in them. Eventually, I happened to evolve into one of those “girly” girls when it comes to fashion. I’m all about bright colors, lace and pom-poms. Perhaps this is because, when I was a young girl, I was always being mistaken for a boy. I was the ugly duckling of the family.

The Ugly Duckling

This was probably due to my waifish figure, my shyness, my lack of developing breasts, and the way I generally carried myself (not to mention my short hair and my love of a vintage sailor hat I wore most of my teenage years). I never really understood that how I carried myself could have an impact on whether or not I appeared feminine. And worse, whether or not I felt feminine.

However, in my adult life, I seem to have made up for it. I’ve doubled down on all things frilly and feminine – especially ruffles. Ruffles are what our mothers in the 70s and 80s seemed to love to wrap their daughters in. Ruffles have come back with a vengeance and are more stylish than ever.

Most importantly…

Ruffles on a uni body are, hands down, one of the best ways to hide your lack of a breast.

Ruffles Everywhere!

In my article on swimwear, I highlighted a super cute swimsuit with ruffles from Walmart. Since then, I have also discovered ruffles boldly trending in suits found at Old Navy, Target & Cupshe. As you can see, ruffles are everywhere.

For now, let’s take a look at tops since they are the first things that come to mind when I think about what we most commonly wear that can either help or hinder our “problem”.

Keep a look out for these four different types of ruffle tops that you can take advantage of and buy this season:

Scalloped Ruffles

This type of ruffle has a scalloped look across the top. Though it may not necessarily cover the entire breast, it’s movements, especially being an off-the-shoulder style like this one, focus the eyes upward, away from the chest. (Top from Forever 21)

Ruffles Down the Front

This type of ruffle is flowing down the middle of the blouse. What is great about this? Well, when people look at you from any direction, all they see is the ruffle.

You know what else makes this so great? Because the ruffle falls down the middle, it distracts from the asymmetry of your body. By cutting your body in half, it creates an illusion of symmetry even if it isn’t there. (Top from Forever 21 – via the Goodwill)

Ruffles Going Sideways

With this top, the ruffles don’t go in a strait line. This creates a completely distracting asymmetrical design. However, the more you stare at it, you realize… it IS symmetrical.

How did we do that? Simple, we are using the flow of the ruffles to make waves in whatever direction, but it hides your breast in plain sight. The more ruffles, the more movement, the less you notice what is going on underneath. (Top from American Eagle Outfitters – via a local thrift store)

Ruffles Going in Different Directions

The ruffles on this top not only have ruffles going in different directions, they also have different layers on each side. The great thing about this particular design is that like what is underneath the shirt, the ruffles are not the same, therefore, your chest is not what looks unbalanced. This is because we are using the design on the top to do the work for us.

With this top, basically no matter which side your breast is on, the pattern is what draws the eye and most people will be clueless of what’s going on underneath. (Top from H&M)

Layers of Ruffles

This top is loaded with ruffles. They fall in layers, and are even different lengths going from large ruffles, to small, to large again. The embroidery on top of it, keeps the eye distracted. This gives the blouse a look of motion. It creates endless movement that is ever changing.

The only note I have regarding tops like this is that, it can have the affect of making you look wider if it is overloaded with too much fluff. Therefore, I advise you to tuck it into your skirt or pants, or make sure the top is not too long. Ideally it should end at the waist. (Top from Forever 21)

I hope you have been convinced that ruffles are a great friend to you. You will definitely want to stock up now while they are in style.

I would even go so far to admit that, because ruffles are in fashion (and will be a personal necessity for the years to come), my plan is to buy some ruffled tops and pack them away without wearing them this year! That way, when next summer rolls around, I’ll have some brand-new items that I haven’t worn so much that I am sick of them!

So get shopping, and bring on the ruffles!

*Note –  No father’s were hurt while taking photos for this article in my parent’s home*

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