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How to Find A Dress to Fit Your Body After Unilateral Mastectomy

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Hey there….I’m back!

Where the heck have I been? I’m sorry if you felt abandoned but this Month (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and the month before went flying by with a whole host of opportunities that I couldn’t pass up.

I was filled with dread at my one-year “CANCERversary” and the fact that “PINKtober” was rapidly hurling itself towards me. I was feeling the need to focus on making people really aware that breast cancer is not a damn pink ribbon. And by October 3rd I had whipped myself up into a frenzy and felt deflated that I wasn’t going to accomplish much and then…


I was contacted by a TON of people all asking me to help with their various projects. And it was time consuming! But here are two projects that I wholeheartedly got myself involved in because I agreed with their message.

If you didn’t know I was in a lingerie campaign for breast cancer awareness by a company called “Curvy Couture.”

I am really glad I took the extended amount of time making sure that we are seen and that this company featured our body type. They also happen to be contributing a portion of their sales to a small non-profit that actually helps women pay for treatment if they can’t afford their bills. Hooray!

I was also featured by “She Changed It” which is a new website highlighting women who are making change in the world through experience and who have positive messages to bring to all women. You can see that article by clicking here.

Another surprise to me was I woke up one morning to find I was featured in a French article as someone to watch on social media for talking openly about my breast cancer. If you would like to see that click here.


“Why do we need to talk dresses?” you ask, “It’s freezing cold out and I need sweaters!”

True. But follow me enough and you realize I am about SALES and now is the time to be purchasing dresses at a massive discount. So here are some suggestions on what kinds of dresses you may find on the sales rack to stash for next year. (And really friends, I need something to look forward to to get me through this winter!)


Oh man did I score with this dress! I used to stay away from stripes because they can really throw the eye strait to where you don’t want people to go. However, this dress has stripes going in different directions (always distracting) but also they go in a downward curve, like a rainbow, across the chest. I have since found a sweater that has the same stripes going this way across the chest and it really works wonders for distracting from my missing breast.

I also happen to love that the top part is very flowing and all the different colors in the stripes gives it a non-pattern look. Since there is no symmetry to the pattern, there is nothing in the fabric that looks “wrong.”

This dress is from Anthropologie and I have been told that it also comes in black and white polka-dots. Although the original price was $129 (and the sale price was $69) I found it for $10!


I picked up this adorable dress from Macys and I LOVE IT! Every time I wear this dress I get compliments. I even got a compliment by a coworker who rarely interacts with me.

You know I am all about the ruffles because they give volume to the place where there isn’t any anymore (am I right?). I also am such a fan of the cross-over or wrap design because it has a way of giving the illusion of having breasts even when there isn’t one there. This dress has both!

I’m going to encourage you to look out for this type of design because it is a major win. This dress was on sale for only $49.


This shift dress is great for the uni body because it has the cross over design on the top that we love, but also this has a great feature that is slimming. The stripe down the front of the skirt area pulls the eyes in a down the front. This creates a slimming element that draws attention away from the hips and makes your stomach disappear.

With the cut and pattern of this dress I am really looking forward to next summer ….are we there yet? I got this dress at a local store on sale for $29.


I totally scored this dress the other day on sale at Anthropologie. This dress is the reason for my choice in writing this article right NOW. I love getting a deal (or steal) at Anthro.

That being said, this dress will probably need a trip to be altered (slightly) to make sure that my flat side doesn’t gather too much making a small indentation where a breast is supposed to be. Other than that I am really happy that I got this dress on sale for $34!


Lastly, if you are looking for something to wear this winter I am going to give you a little preview of a dress that I scored the other day at Forever 21 for only $25. (Click here)

I am in heaven. It has everything that makes this girl happy. Animal prints have been my thing for years (much to my daughters’ disdain) and they are a MUST this winter.

What I love is that it is an asymmetrical design and with all the print that is going on you really have no idea that I am one-breasted and if you want a good chuckle go ahead and click on my video.

This dress makes me feel sassy!

Hope you all score some amazing dresses next time you go out looking for your winter coat. When summer comes back you’ll be ready like me!

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