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I Wore The Same Thing All Week and Nobody Noticed

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Yes, that’s right, I wore the same thing all week to work and nobody noticed.

Well, almost. You will need to hang on for me to explain the “almost” part because things didn’t go smoothly. But really, what challenge doesn’t go off without a challenge?

But, honestly, I did wear a white t-shirt and jeans all week.


It’s a valid question. I simply wanted to see if I could pull off nobody noticing, and by wearing different accessories, I found it is possible to look professional with jeans and a white t-shirt.

For the most part, I actually accomplished my goal. So here is what I wore all week.


I started the week off pretty basic. I literally just wore my white t-shirt and jeans with a big bulky necklace that I borrowed from my mum. I find that large necklaces can really dress up any outfit.


On Tuesday I decided to forgo the necklace and use a scarf and some fancy shoes to dress up my outfit. My mum happens to collect scarves like some people collect thimbles…Okay, maybe this is an old concept, but, my mum would forego food if it meant there was only one scarf left on the planet and she would probably break a limb fighting for it. So if you wonder where I get all my scarves from, I just borrow them from her. But in all honesty, scarves are about the best way to change the look of an outfit. If you share them with a friend then the purchase of them is well worth it (or your daughter, or your mother, you get the idea).

(velvet shoes from Forever 21)

On Tuesday evening I spilt red wine on myself. But I was committed to doing this article…Lucky for you I had another white t-shirt and jeans in my closet!


I wore another scarf with some plain loafers (old navy) and a bright sweater to give my scarf some extra pop! Even though you are already aware that part of the previous sentence is a lie…because, it wasn’t my scarf. But you know what I mean?


I was almost there.


I was almost to work on Thursday and as I pulled into the parking lot I spilt my coffee all over myself! Lucky for me I was wearing a big necklace again! To fix this disaster I put my shirt on backwards and went on with the rest of my day (without taking off my cardigan).

By now I hope you realize I am not a sloppy drunk on Tuesday’s, I’m just not very good at lining up my mouth to things that hold beverages.


It started to get cold and luckily I had a long sleeved white t-shirt to finish the week off with my mission (mostly) complete. Here is my favorite look of the week as well as a big tip I guess I should let you in on.

Do you have any “shirt” dresses in your closet? By “Shirt Dress” I am referring to dresses that have buttons all the way down the front. These dresses usually have darts which I am sure you know by now need to be tossed…or do they?

The answer is NO! You don’t have to throw these out because they are GREAT for using over the top of an outfit like you would a kimono in the summer. You can add them to any outfit with a scarf and now you have added layering and flow to an outfit that would be blah without.

Lastly, just a little product placement push…If you haven’t already subscribed to Wildfire Magazine, I encourage it…It’s a really beautiful magazine and the creator is also a uni!

Next week I hope to report that no beverages were spilt during the making of my next article!

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