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Oops I Did It Again!

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you're new and therefore couldn’t give a rip…..But I can't believe I did it again! After all the promises in 2020 to get back on track with my commitment to blogging, I disappeared on you again! Therefore, I won’t make empty promises this time around and tell you all about how I will change and give you an endless stream of posts to read from now on. I can’t promise I will get my crap together and get back to constant blogging - because life keeps happening to me. But if you are wondering where I went….

I spent the last 10 months moving/remodeling a home with my hubby. I say “moving” lightly because we are fortunate to own a property with two homes on it. An original victorian in the front - which I have lived in with him since we got hitched - and a small guest house in the back that, until last year, had renters in it for over 15 years!

Given my favorite home I left before moving here was a little house of 300 square feet - I continued to dream of moving into our little back house when the soonest opportunity arose - it finally did! Since July of 2021 we have been hard at work literally remodeling the house from top-to-bottom and living ‘small’.

So this is a little post to let you know I haven’t disappeared, but more like “reappeared” because my house is no longer my 100% focus. I’ve also decided to step back from doing breast cancer advocacy as it began to take up so much time away from doing this blog. My soul sings when I am creating, be it decorating my home or creating a crazy outfit to post on Instagram.

So you may see me more, but no promises it will be a rigid schedule of posts, because, I am over 50 now and I get to do what I damn well want! Ha!

For those who are interested I have decided to add an occasional blog of some "before and after" remodel articles because I super love what I have been able to create and maybe you could find some tips or tricks for your own home, you never know!

As a teaser I will give you a small "before and after" of the front of the house...See you soon!

PS... Don't mind the BBQ!

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