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Rompers, Onesies, and Jumpsuits…Oh My!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Is it a Romper? Is it a Onesie? Is it a Jumpsuit? Who cares what we call it? I can’t get enough!

And neither can – as it would seem – anyone who has put one on and seen what this little gem can do for any body.

Let’s talk about why jumpsuits are perfect for not only summer but also all year round.

As a child growing up in the 70’s, I used to hate these with a passion. They were like overalls only more of a pain-in-the-butt to get on and off. And it seems like during those days as a kid, I was always warring with my wardrobe in a small, dirty, bathroom stall in some random place. Plus, most of my days were spent in school. And for me, the only safe and peaceful place in school was hiding in bathroom stalls at every opportunity. This is because I was severely bullied.

Fast forward to my first adult experience of trying on, and falling in love with, the Jumpsuit! FREEDOM!

Yes, I was perusing the local Target and the sweetest print caught my eye. I thought it was a dress and to my horror, I noticed it was…a romper?

What the heck…

But the material was so darn cute! So I did what any reasonable person would do…I gave this onesie a chance. If I want to be a grown up and not judge people, shouldn’t I apply this to clothing styles too? Of course I should!

So, off to the dressing room we went, this onesie and I. Oh. My. GOD!!! It was AMAZING!

Not only did it feel like I was wearing a pair of pajamas, I was also was surprised at how good I looked in it. I thought to myself, but these were for young people!

Not anymore!

After leaving the dressing room, I quickly went back and found two more that turned out looking just as good as the first and I promptly bought and brought this triplets home! From that day on, these jumpsuits were my favorite items of clothing – surpassing every dress I’d ever worn.

Next Came Cancer

One really depressing part of having my breast removed was that I just knew those favorite items in my closet, those jumpsuits that I had come to know and love, were going to have to find a new home.

And with sadness in my heart I passed those first three jumpsuits along to my namesake (my adorably fit, cute, petite, young niece).

However, there remained two that I had purchased from Anthropologie. I wasn’t ready to get rid of them just yet. I guess I thought that I would eventually “get over it” and have the heart to pass them on. But I had paid $200 for one, and the other was a gorgeous silk onesie that I’d only worn once to my daughter’s wedding. In fact, in one of my favorite photos of my husband and me, I happen to be wearing this gorgeous silk onesie.

Speaking of my hubby, as you’ve already heard, he doesn’t let me get away with sitting on the pity-pot. As I curled up on the sofa whining about how I couldn’t wear my favorite rompers, he finally said, “For God’s sake! Just try them on!”

But it was no use. They weren’t going to work. I just knew it…

So in a very mature and adult-like “I’ll prove it” moment, I put on that silk, off-the-shoulder onesie that no longer had a boob to hold it up. And…(Can you believe it? Because I can’t.) It still fit! And I looked great in it!

Do I regret giving away those first three jumpsuits to my niece? Nope! Because life is about change and I’ve had a blast hunting out new rompers so that I can guide you on how to find the right fit.

Here are my top design picks:

Off-the-Shoulder, Silk Onesie

I want to point out to you that this jumpsuit probably would not have worked except for the following conditions (which I highly recommend you pay close attention to if you’re going to buy on this type of onesie):

First, the design has a “puffed” detain at the top. This gives the illusion of having a breast even if you don’t. I thought that it would be obvious that there wasn’t anything in the “flat” side of this top. However, it has bones in it and they hold the fabric upright even though there is nothing in there.

Second, it has the plastic detailing that you find in more expensive, off-the-shoulder garments. This allows it to not rely on a breast to keep it from falling down. Instead it forms a ridge that simply “sticks” to your skin to secure it in place. On top of that there is a smocked backing which helps keep it hugged to your body.

Ruffled Rompers

By now I’m sure you know me and my love for ruffles. This first romper is great because the ruffle falls diagonally down the front and off to the side. It’s an asymmetrical dream come true.

This other romper has a ruffle detail across the front, helping even out the top of my chest, and (my favorite way to distract) shoulder cleavage! I have often joked in my private Facebook groups that “shoulders are your new cleavage” and it caught on. I stand by this statement, this one-color design works because of the shoulder detail.

I must also point out another detail that helps with these rompers (and a few others that I have). This would be the adjustable spaghetti straps that allow you to tighten the side where your breast is missing so that it’s a little higher. This makes the front fall evenly across your chest making your flat side less noticeable.

Patterned Jumpsuit

I purchased this Jumpsuit at Walmart a few weeks ago when I couldn’t wear anything that ad a tight waist due to my oophorectomy. I know…..Walmart? Yes, Walmart. Sometimes they have some great styles for less. I was only there to fill a prescription for my pain medication when I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this sweet Jumpsuit.

The first one I tried on fit well but the pattern was wrong. I had to try on five different jumpsuits (all with the same material and design) before I found one where the pattern worked on my body. Each of the first four jumpsuits I tried before deciding on this one had a vertical line in the pattern that fell directly down my flat side. This made my chest look…Blank. And it is a good lesson to remember.

So always keep in mind this tip: when you buy anything with patterned material, make sure that the pattern doesn’t make it obvious there is something “wrong” with the way it falls on your blank chest area. And…even if it looks good, try on a few of the same-fitting-sizes and you will often find the perfect one whose pattern makes you look exquisite!

Pattered Onesie with Bow Detail

Like the above Jumpsuit, this Onesie has a patterned print. However, instead of the pattern being smaller and busier, this pattern is larger. But the effect is the same. Because the large pattern is different on each side of the chest, it tricks the eye into losing its capacity to “see” that anything is missing.

Add the bow to the mix and we are really diverting attention away from what is – or rather isn’t – underneath.

Another thing I must point out is that this onesie is a V-neck. In my experience V-necks are a great way to give the optical illusion of having breasts even if you only have one (or none).

I am in love with wearing this style. It’s great for summer and, honestly, so comfortable that you will feel like you’re cheating the style gods! Go out and try different designs.

If you haven’t already, hop over to my article on the benefits of wearing black where you can find even more styles of rompers that look fab on a one-breasted body.

Now get out there and buy yourself a romper/onesie/jumpsuit (whatever you want to call it)! When you have found “the one” tag me on instagram @idontneedtwo so I can see your treasure…I simply can’t wait to see what you find!

*Featured photo jumpsuit from Miss Darlin Fashion Lounge; pink silk & yellow ruffle jumpsuits from Anthropologie; Grey & Black patterned jumpsuits from Walmart; Blue patterned jumpsuit from TJ Maxx*

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