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Styling with Sheer Tops

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

You’ve been waiting for me to give you some good tips on tops that don’t include my obsession with white t-shirts. Hopefully, you won’t be upset with me for keeping this to myself for far too long…But I’m about to change your world.

What the heck am I talking about?

Just a little trick I have up my sleeve. Not any old sleeve, but my sheer top sleeve!

Oh, I hear you saying “Melissa, don’t you know that ‘sheer’ means ‘see-through?’ Do we need to commit you?”

And I will wink at you. I will dare you to come with me, step into my closet, Darling, this is better than a magic trick! And I’m going to teach you this trick. But first, I have a promise to make.

Yes, I promise you that when you wear the right sheer top, you’ll be asking yourself, “Am I really missing anything under there?”

You’ll simply step out into a crowd and, like magic, you’ll feel like everyone else. (Because you basically are like everyone else, girl. You just happen to be missing a boob is all. No biggy.) No one will even know our little hidden secret.

Now hopefully I’ve got you doing a little wink ; ) …and it all starts with this little magic trick that I promised to share with you.

This magic trick is called: Two Dimensions. Let me explain. It’s like a glass. You can see through a glass, but put some water in it and add something to the water (like a fish) and you are unaware of where the fish really is. The water and the fish are the added dimension that fools the eye. It changes as you move. This is why in Europe (especially where I lived in England), most people have sheer or lace curtains, it allows the daylight in the house but minimizes how much people can see into your home (as houses there are pretty squished together).

Here are a few different styles of sheer tops that can be your life-changing Magic Makers.

Patterned Sheer Blouse:

This top is paired with an array of things some people would say don’t go together – but you should know me well enough by now to know that I care not about convention (which may well be another magic trick of mine).

A camisole with a strappy design at the top is worn under this top, while adding a Jacket can also add another extra layer and/or texture. My bottoms are jeggings (a lovely marriage of leggings and jeans) and a pair of brown ankle boots. As I said, none of this seems to go together when put in a pile, but put all this on together, and it’s kismet. Can’t get any better than this!

(Camisole: Suzette from Ross; Velvet Jacket: Blank NYC from TJ Maxx; Jeggings: Old Navy; Blouse: Nine Bird; Boots: Lilana all purchased at my local Goodwill.)

Asymmetrical Designed, Over-Sized, Sheer Blouse:

The first thing to point out is that this blouse is two sizes too big. But is it? (Aha! Yes, it is.)

The great thing about this trick is twofold. Not only does blouse have so much going on with its great asymmetrical design and tons of colors, but it also is oversized.

Being oversized means that this blouse fits so loosely that we create the illusion of possible breasts underneath.


Wear a belt with it and it even makes you look skinnier than you are to boot!

What to wear under it? I chose a peach camisole then paired the top with velvet pants. These pants give even more for the eye to look at. There is just so much going on here. It’s how the magic happens!

(Blouse: Allegra K and Camisole: Bongo both from Goodwill, Velvet pants from Forever 21, Leather Belt from Anthropologie)

Black & White Sheer Blouse:

This great look is perfect for wearing to the office. It’s very professional and a bit more stayed than some of my other looks. It’s also muted enough to wear to a meeting, yet it feels so girly. I love the look of it.

I often wear tops over a plain black dress like this. Why? Because it is so much easier that having to put on layers that weigh you down and heat you up. This feels lighter than wearing a suit-jacket, which is great because I don’t always feel comfortable taking a jacket off at the office even when I get hot (hot flashes, say no more). This is because of (and you may relate) my old lady arms.

Worse yet, now with one boob, I wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know me to necessarily see my half-blank chest when I want to be taken seriously and be perceived as a professional. So, in this blouse…Who am I fooling? Come to the office and see!

(Blouse: Poetry & Dress: Hanna Andersson, both from Goodwill)

Cream Sheer Blouse:

This is a perfect example of why sheer blouses work so well. One color, two dimensions, and not a single hint that I have a breast missing. Step this look up with a long necklace & you can wear it with just about anything on your lower half.

(Blouse: Faisca & Pants: Gap both purchased at Goodwill).

Jewelry is from my mother’s closet (literally – my mother’s necklace which she bought last year in Prague). Thanks Mum!

I hope I have helped you feel like you too can go forth and make magic!

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