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The One Breasted Mermaid

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Last night while walking the beach I came upon her bathing in the light of the sturgeon moon. She was a one – breasted mermaid. A siren. “Come closer,” she whispered, “I have something important to tell you.”

She told me she had come from the Bay of Acre where there was a $1 million reward for her capture. Afraid she would find herself hunted, she swam through the Suez Canal.

“What happened to your breast?” I asked.

She told me cancer tried to drown her in a sea of tears. She begged a silver tipped shark to remove her breast, which he did gladly. It didn’t kill her but it turned the entire sea around them red.

In an attempt to rest and recover from her wound she traveled up the Zambezi River to a reservoir in Zimbabwe. She had to leave because the locals kept coming upon her.

From there, she swam in an endless search to find others like her. She wasn’t sure but she thought she had seen a group of breastless women while relaxing off the coast of Long Island. She also heard rumors that an artist there was painting her image but she had no way to confirm it either.

Lonely and tired she came to California because she heard of someone who was spreading the word to other one-breasted woman and her message was important.

And then she looked at me with intensity that I have never felt before.

“It is you.” She said, “I have been calling and finally you are here.”

“What is the message?” I asked

“I don’t need two,” she said. “Tell them, I don’t need two breasts to be beautiful and neither do you.

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