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Why You Should Wear White

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

YAY!!!! It’s officially summer!

And I’m back…..

In my recent article we talked about all the benefits of wearing black. So in the natural course of things, it seems obvious we would want to now discuss our lady friend, white.

There are so many things to address here, that I don’t know where to start.

White Can Be a Friend – Or an Enemy

Most people steer away from white. Why? One big reason is because it is a pain in the ass to clean! Some have even been mistakenly told they should not wear white due to skin tone and instead go for cream. Others just don’t know how to wear it because they are worried about their undergarments showing through.

Let’s address all of these issues and, at the same time, talk about all the benefits of wearing white.

The Case for White

White can make anyone look more youthful, clean and emotionally harmonious. Did you know that white also signifies new beginnings? It’s no wonder that the last job interview I had went so well. I wore a white dress and was offered the job shortly after.

Have you ever noticed how, in all the magazines, the candid shots of celebrities tend to show them walking casually down the streets of Los Angeles, wearing just a casual pair of jeans with a crisp white T-shirt? Yet, mostly you only notice that they look so sleek. This is because they have perfected this look. They know that wearing white makes them look good and, at the same time, fabulously youthful and fresh.

It should also be noted that wearing such a simple, basic color means that you can turn one accessory into the feature of your entire outfit. Be it a pair of wild shoes, an adorable handbag, or bright and expensive earrings.

Any of these items will pop with a plain outfit.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started with including white into your wardrobe:

Cream vs White

Most of us have been taught that there is a rule regarding whether you should wear white, or steer towards creams based on your skin color. I don’t agree with this. To take it a step further, I like mixing these hews. This is because most white garments eventually change color as they age.

I have several cream tops that I wear white undershirts underneath. As I have previously pointed out, this is one of my favorite fashion tips for hiding the fact that I am one breasted – it creates layers. We are always trying to find different ways of using layers that are subtle and this is one of those instances.

Dealing with Discoloration and Stains

Most people give up on wearing white because of staining – especially those not-so-sexy stains under the arms. However, spills can also make people steer clear of buying white clothing. I am going to let you in on a couple of my secrets.

I buy most of my white items at the Goodwill and other thrift stores. It’s the first section I move towards when I am at a thrift store. I know that these items are only useful for a short amount of time before they’ve had their day.

Therefore, I buy them second hand and I don’t feel like it is wasted money if stains can’t be removed later on.

Speaking of Stains…

One of my biggest secrets (that is soon to not be my secret) is a product called Gonzo (and by giving you this tip I will be upset if, like several months ago, I have to wait for this product to be available because it is such an affective stain remover).

I found Gonzo when I had a cat that decided to urinate on my white sofa! Yes, heart attack does not even come close to my reaction to this nightmare scene that played out in my living room.

I traveled to the local vacuum store (yes, they still have these in some towns) and they recommended Gonzo stain remover. Ever since, I have ALWAYS had some on hand (except the one time it was unavailable). I don’t have problems with needing it for my furniture or carpets much, but I do use it all the time on my clothes.

It gets out EVERYTHING! I kid you not.

One night, my friend came over for dinner. She was wearing a beautiful white blouse that she paid a fortune for at Anthropologie. We happened to be eating spaghetti and she spilt some of the sauce down the front of her blouse. Horror filled her eyes. I jumped up. Never fear! I took her top off, treated it with some Gonzo, and she cried because it came out completely. Melissa saved the day! (But I actually didn’t, Gonzo did.)

What to Wear Under White

I am always amazed at how many women don’t know the rules on how to gracefully wear white. I also remember, “if no one knows, then no one knows.” So here’s the #1 rule so that you know (and you can pass it on):

When wearing white you are NEVER supposed to wear white undergarments (or any other “color” for that matter). When wearing white one should ALWAYS wear nude undergarments.

I actually have the same amount of nude underwear as all the rest of my colored undies put together.

Breaking All the Rules

But, when dressing a uni or flattie post mastectomy, we are breaking rules all over the place.

We don’t have to follow these rules (at least, not when it comes to tops). And since our goal is to create layering to trick the eye, we can wear white under white and get away with it. However, always wear nude underwear when wearing white pants, skirts or shorts.

As an example, here is the same shirt with three different colored camis worn underneath:

nude cami under white t-shirt

white cami under white t-shirt

pink cami under white t-shirt

I hope these tips have helped you to think differently about wearing white. Don’t forget to invest in some white jeans this summer, as they are especially essential in today’s wardrobe. They are slimming, sleek and make for a clean, youthful look.

With my tips on white, you can go out and not worry about spills, or what is going on underneath. White makes me feel confident and I hope you can feel that way too.

Now it is officially summer you can get your white on!

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